>A new start?


I have decided to have a fresh start. I was an everyday well-known blogger for a few years but it became less and less important and I found myself rarely posting. Sometimes, I had trouble remembering to post my PhotoHunt for the week. Anyway, I wiped my archives clean and let go of my hosting to save some $$. Ready to start anew! So, welcome (back?).



  1. GVK Said:

    >My take on PhotoHunt:Hands – http://bittenbythephotobug.blogspot.com/2011/01/photohunt-hands.html

  2. Sandra Said:

    >Love the new look!Mine is up:Hands:http://Acappuccinoaday.blogspot.com

  3. Alexa Said:

    >New beginnings are good—and I like the new look too. My "hands" (but it's only one) are up here.

  4. >LOVE the new look and the new beginning is always a good idea.

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