>I’m slow, I know!!! I did add some themes for February and will be adding more. Hang in there with me. Perhaps someone can give me a kick for some motivation? Ha.

Comment with some suggestions for the theme list if you have some in mind.



  1. Kim, USA Said:

    >A thought just came to me what about a theme "nude"? Me myself don't know what and how am i going to find nude as my subject lol! But photobloggers are so creative, we wills just be blown away with what they can come up with a certain theme. ^_^

  2. GVK Said:

    >My thought on themes – Statues, Machines, Numberplate on cars and other vehicles, Avenues, Animals, Trees.

  3. Alice Audrey Said:

    >How about:reversedsneakyswampedanothergoldenintensefamilymeaningfulregrettableexcitingsloped

  4. Lew Said:

    >I suggest opposites of last years themes, for example "Dad" instead of "Mom". I sent a list of some to your email.

  5. >love that mine is a post I love from the past

  6. Annie Said:

    >Thanks for continuing to host PH!blueperspectivecloudybelongshangingpeacesilverhiddensacredreflectfunkybrightcountryup/downhigh/lowinnocent

  7. >I'm just glad to keep it going!

  8. Lew Said:

    >My email did not go through. Here are my suggestions: Thin (slender), Firm, Uneven, Solid, Fixed (unbroken), Straight, Sour, Horizontal, Bare (open), White. Dad, Whole, Closed, Caged (bound), Private, Drab, Cold, Manufactured, Numbers, Large, Light, Sad, Female, Square, Feet, Sitting

  9. >ok here fewdusty,wither,pale,freeze,slow,jam,voice,apart,drip,less,today,moving,sugar,and breeze.

  10. YTSL Said:

    >Here are some suggestions:– festival- art- old- heritage- road

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