>PhotoHunt 260: Trees



The theme this week is trees.
Trees make great photo ops when taking pictures of people.

Themes are on the sidebar thru April.
I know I need to ad more – busy busy but I will get it done!

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  1. >A good looking tree, 🙂 My trees are here.

  2. Alice Audrey Said:

    >That's a nice, big tree.Mine is up

  3. >Love trees! They make such wonderful subjects for photo ops! A wonderful textured trunk in your tree!Tree Shapes

  4. Sparkle Said:

    >Trees also make good photo opps when taking pictures of kitties!! Here is proof:http://www.sparklecat.com/diary/photo-hunt-trees

  5. Marites Said:

    >now, that's what i like in trees..big and sturdy that people can play and relax around it.. mine is here

  6. Liz Said:

    >A beautiful tree.Have a fabulous weekend!Trees

  7. >a lovely tree. happy weekend.

  8. stan Said:

    >love barks n their depth of field.Here's my stark one

  9. Mar Said:

    >Love trees, great shot :)Happy weekend.among trees

  10. Sandra Said:

    >A very cute picture! Happy weekend!!

  11. bing Said:

    >i participated today! the busy, busy days are not as busy! :-)how are you, photohunters?

  12. >great capture!here's my entry… coconut trees along the beach

  13. >My tree is a special one It's a very old oak.

  14. YTSL Said:

    >That looks like a pretty old as well as sturdy tree — and one that does indeed look good for photo ops. :)My take on this week's theme is over here:-http://webs-of-significance.blogspot.com/2011/04/trees-this-weeks-photo-hunt-theme.html

  15. JDeQ Said:

    >Happy Saturday!My shot for this week's theme is located here.Happy hunting!

  16. >I see a good-looking young man behind that big tree :)Happy weekend!

  17. Julie Said:

    >Looks like a big tree you got there. My entry is a photo of oconut trees at the beach on a summer day 🙂

  18. >Trees with snow are my favourite…http://mudpuddle.wordpress.com/2011/04/09/photo-hunt-trees

  19. Carver Said:

    >I love this shot. Trees are such a joy and big ones are perfect for peeking out from.http://carverblog.blogspot.com/2011/04/photohunters-trees.htmlCarver's Tree Post

  20. sunshine Said:

    >i like that tree..i haven't seen one as huge as that in our place..http://sunshinescomfortzone.blogspot.com/

  21. >We love trees. We even have one INSIDE our house. Check our trees out here.Happy weekend!

  22. Furkidsmom Said:

    >We've got double trees in ours!!http://friendsfurevercatblog.blogspot.com/2011/04/photo-hunters-trees.htmlHave a great weekend!The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  23. >I like your tree shot very much. Nice setting for the lovely human next to it!http://healingmagichands.wordpress.com/2011/04/09/photohunt-trees/

  24. hapzydeco Said:

    >Our tree is here.

  25. Jane Said:

    >Great shot 🙂 lovely tree.Surrounded by Trees

  26. Luna Miranda Said:

    >a great looking tree.My trees are here

  27. Gattina Said:

    >My trees are up !http://gattina-keyholepictures.blogspot.com/

  28. katney Said:

    >There's that cute kid again. I've been on hiatus, but will be back at least from time to time. I have a favorite tree here.

  29. KURDAPYAZ Said:

    >mine is up! thanks PH

  30. Marta Said:

    >I agree – include people and it makes the trees much more interesting. People enjoying Cherry Blossom Time

  31. fredamans Said:

    >Nice tree and I assume, son.http://fredamans.blogspot.com/2011/04/photohunt-trees.html

  32. azahar Said:

    >Here are my cat trees

  33. CherryPie Said:

    >Cute :-)Mine is here.

  34. Dianne Said:

    >The bigger the tree, the more interesting it is.

  35. >That's a great tree! Mine is here: Trees

  36. Lew Said:

    >Big tree! Cute kid! Great pahoto! My trees are just blossoms and new leaves.

  37. >It took me a while to get up and the coffee is on.

  38. gitwizard Said:

    >There are so many photo-ops for trees. I am looking forward to seeing photos from and joining up with your Photo Hunters.This is mine.

  39. ewok1993 Said:

    >my trees are out too.

  40. Gypsi Said:

    >You're right, trees make wonderful photo shoot props!Here is my tree. 🙂

  41. >WE plant lots of trees in our country and it is welll known as The Garden City.http://eastcoastlife.blogspot.com/2011/04/singapore-garden-city-ph.html

  42. Caralicious Said:

    >My first photo hunt entry is HERE.

  43. DJ Said:

    >Beautiful tree. By the way, what a great theme for this week, thank you so much for hosting this meme. My trees are here.

  44. beth Said:

    >What a BIG tree! My trees (from the National Cherry Blossom Festival) are here.

  45. >Great shot with your boy peeking around the tree..very cute!My post is here…http://imaginationlane.blogspot.com/LynetteImagination Lane

  46. LivingforGod Said:

    >Cute picture. I love trees. Mine is up at http://wondersbeyondwords.blogspot.com/2011/04/photo-hunt-trees.html .

  47. Rekha Said:

    >Love the hide and seek version of the theme. Minehere

  48. yogaretnam Said:

    >Haven't been taking part in the PhotoHunt for quite some time but I'm back :)It's nice to play hide and seek behind big old trees.Here's my trees

  49. >GitWiz invited me to join.Hi, from Wonderlandhwy! :)you can check my pic out hereTree through the side mirror

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