OK, I imported…

and moved over here…

Does it work?!

I couldn’t get my blog URL back… so tnchick became tnchicks *sigh*



  1. Mr WordPress Said:

    Hi, this is a comment.
    To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

  2. looks good.
    Ive had my pix ready but…however I am back with you.
    Will you re post the theme list?
    Or is it lost?
    A new one?
    What a great job you do on all this…
    just love it.

    • admin Said:

      I’m getting the list back up for ya’ll now. Should be there soon!

  3. Julie Said:

    Awww… I hope commenting for others will be ok now. I’ve got no problems with the previous post and didn’t know others had issues.

    Thanks for hosting PH, been a happy participant for several years now.

    • admin Said:

      Thanks, Julie!

      According to the posts on Facebook the past few… people thought I needed to make things more user friendly and were complaining about blogger. I didn’t want to keep paying for my hosting, so in Jan. I let it go and went to blogger because it seemed most popular… guess I was wrong. 😉 I didn’t do anything to make commenting not work but for some reason several couldn’t?! I don’t know why.

      • mudhooks Said:

        I don’t like paying for what I can get for free and I find WordPress “hinky” when I am posting. It takes AGES to post because I keep having to go back and repeatedly fix things which there is no reason or apparent error with.

        On Blogger, I can post as many photos as I want and can edit my page easily and change things that I can’t change on WordPress. However, Blogger has some annoyances security-wise.

  4. Planet3rry Said:

    Howdy fellow Tennessean! Got the new link and the list. My best intentions is to start back up!


  5. Sue St Clair Said:

    Looks good. I did not have a problem with it before though. Thanks for hosting this for us through all these years 🙂

  6. CherryPie Said:

    I have only just caught up. I think that people may have been having problems because they were using the following url which now does not work.


    Your blogger url seems to work and so does this one 🙂

    I was using the link I gave which is why your blog suddenly disappeared for me.

  7. mudhooks Said:

    According to “Cake Wrecks”:

    If you’re looking for yesterday’s post, it’s no longer there. Sorry about that. Let’s just say that our Grand and Exalted Google Overlords (MAY THEY LIVE FOREVER!) are trying to “fix” and “improve” things. Which worked out reeeeally well for New Coke and Windows Vista. As soon as Blogger is fixed, we’ll put it back up and regular posts will continue. Fingers crossed! -john (the hubby of Jen)

  8. YTSL Said:

    Hi tnchick, it looks to be working here on WordPress. FYI, your blogspot blog is up (again). Your tnchick.com, however, is still not.

    Thanks for your effort to keep Photo Hunt going. Really, Saturdays just wouldn’t be the same for me without a Photo Hunt to look forward to!

  9. glad your wordpress blog is working wonderfully. thanks for continuing to host PH. 🙂

  10. I can see your blog. Hope my comment goes through.

    Thanks for hosting PhotoHunt.


  11. Alice Audrey Said:

    Blogger had a complete melt down today and yesterday. Aren’t you glad you moved?

  12. Gattina Said:

    I found you thanks to YTSL, she had your new link !
    That’s really a pity that you had to move.

  13. Annie Said:

    Thanks for moving, I haven’t been able to leave a comment on your Blogger blog for weeks now.

    Thanks for hosting us too!

  14. I lost you for a bit…the old URL would not work…and will join in Photo Hunt again now that I’ve found your new page…:)

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