PhotoHunt 265: Missed/Missing


OK, this is horrible but appropriate for the theme.

My son thought he was smarter than I and he crashed my hard drive.
I just now, thanks to an awesome friend, got my desktop running.
I lost all my photos that was on my PC. :/
SO, my photo this week is missing.

Themes are on the sidebar thru June. I will add more…

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  1. ewok1993 Said:

    I heard about this other blog of yours. Sorry to hear about all those photos you lost.

  2. Great to see you and so Glad to be back
    here is my Missing

  3. oh my goodness – all missing? No Back up?

    Ok I think things have to change for you….sending good vibes your way….

  4. Alice Audrey Said:

    I don’t let my son anywhere near my computer anymore because he would do exactly the same thing, then try to convince me the crash was my fault, not his.

    : Missing

  5. Mar Said:

    I am going to back up my files right after this, sorry about your hard drive, nice new site!


  6. Awww… hugs. I really hope these can still be retrieved and everything are not really lost.

    All the best to you.

  7. Julie Said:

    I hope not all is lost, sigh…

  8. sorry to hear about your loss photos. happy weekend. 🙂

  9. azahar Said:

    If you bring your computer in to the shop they may be able to recover your photos.

    My post is a bit sad…


  10. My week has been traumatic too! I have a broken right arm – broken at the shoulder! Very painful! But I did not share the missing use of my arm in my post!

    Hope your weekend settles for you!

  11. My week has been traumatic too! I have a broken right arm – broken at the shoulder! Very painful! But I did not share the missing use of my arm in my post!

    Hope your weekend settles for you!
    Here is mine…

  12. Sad that some of your photos are missing..My post is not missing and is up here

  13. Julie Said:

    I really hope all is not lost and you can still retrieve some of your files.

  14. Sparkle Said:

    Oh no! That IS terrible! My human saves her photo cards, but she knows she does not have absolutely everything…

    Here is what’s missing in my world.

  15. azahar Said:

    Oops, left the wrong link to mine. This is the right one…


  16. azahar Said:

    Trying again…

  17. ian Said:

    worse things could have happened. but sorry to hear about your loss nonetheless. Dropbox- a backup of important files online- gives some peace of mind in this day and age of virus and hackers =0

  18. I hope your photos can be retrieved.

    My post is here:

  19. YTSL Said:

    Yikes re your hard drive crashing on top of the problems with Blogger! Hope you can recover the contents of your hard drive — and soon!

    In the meantime, thanks for keeping Photo Hunt going. My entry for this week is over here:-

  20. mudhooks Said:

    Quelle drag! I can commiserate. I just found out this evening that I inadvertently deleted ALL my photos from 2010… There were hundreds… at least…. most of them unedited.

    Anyway, my post is up:

  21. gitwizard Said:

    Sorry to hear about your crash, but like Azahar says, a computer expert may be able to recover your lost data.

    My ‘Missing’ is here.

  22. stanley Said:

    haha…the ground’s gona go for mine too!

    missing soon

  23. […] missing things can be found at this week’s PhotoHunt page – NB: It has moved this week due to problems with […]

  24. Lilian Said:

    So sorry to hear about your photos, that’s horrible. I hope you can find someone who can restore them for you.

    My missing thing is at

  25. Lilian Said:

    Oh dear I’m not good at html! It’s at

  26. Annie Said:

    This theme really seems apropos this weekend….folks on Blogger have missing posts and comments, and now you have a missing hard drive! Hope you are able to find your photos.

    Mine is from Venice….

    Happy weekend everyone.

  27. CherryPie Said:

    I am sorry to hear that you have lost all the photos off your PC, that is an awful thing to happen.

    My missing post is here.

  28. Jerry Said:

    That truly is a horrid thing. Thanks for the unintentional reminder that I need to back up my shots ASAP! *smile*

    My shot for this week’s theme is posted here.

    Happy hunting y’all!

  29. clutterbells Said:

    Hate when that happens. I back up my photos weekly. Thanks for supporting Photo Hunt through thick and thin.

  30. Carver Said:

    I am so sorry that you lost your photos on hard drive. I had that happen once and I know how bad it is. Hope you have a great weekend.

    I have two photohunt posts this week. When blogger went down at first posts were lost including my photohunt so I did a new one at this link

    Then later the lost one came back which is at this link

  31. Sue St Clair Said:

    Oh dear!

  32. peppylady Said:

    Glad we still all on board. Coffee is still on.

  33. Marites Said:

    it’s good to be here..have a good weekend! my PH is up now.

  34. It\s been a hard week for blogs. Blogger went down and lost all of the Thursday posts 😦 We try to do a back up every week, but it doesn’t always happen. We hope you find a way to recover your photos.

    Here’s our missing post:

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  35. ann Said:

    Oh happy day… I’m finally able to get back on your site and leave my comments… Sorry your computer crashed and all your pics are missing.. My missing is up:

  36. Sarah Said:

    I’m sorry that you lost all your pictures. It’s a good reminder for others to back up (including myself)

    Here’s mine:

  37. Liz Said:

    Sorry to hear about the photos.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    Liz @ MLC

  38. Mama Zen Said:

    Oh, no!

  39. […] Photo Hunt 265 is hosted by tnchick. This week’s theme is missed. […]

  40. CatSynth Said:

    For today’s theme, we are looking back at a cat who is missed:

    Sorry that you lost all your photos. We’ve been a bit lackadaisical with backups in the last few weeks, but it’s a good reminder.

  41. blogfia Said:

    I know how it feels to loose everything in a crasch 😦
    Took me some time to find this place 🙂

  42. Dianne Said:

    So sorry J! I use Flickr as my photo backup before I burn CDs.
    Here’s mine:
    The Flickr game on Flickr

  43. Faith Said:

    I’ve lost my photos before and I was devastated. So {{HUGS}} to you.

    Here’s my pic:

  44. Baba Said:

    It is so sad to lose your photos…I know how you must be feeling.. hugs, Baba

  45. same here! 😦 … Happy weekend!

  46. hey babe, Glad that u’re back. Was trying to look for your previous blog link but it was not available, I thought the photohunters have stop hunting. =) I’m so happy to find you here! I will start posting for the next theme!

    haven’t been playing this for more than a year due to work. hope that I didn’t miss out too much.

  47. Lew Said:

    Just found your WordPress blog – My “missing” post just did not get up.

  48. Alice Audrey Said:

    Hey, TNChick, cold you do me a favor? Set up a dozen posts ready to go for late Friday or super early on Saturday just as markers so that if you can’t get a picture up in time, we still have a way to play the game.

  49. Ewok Said:

    i played today for clutter.

  50. Moggsy Said:

    There is software you can get to recover photos. Sometimes igood ones even come free with camera memory chips.

    If your old Hard Drive is not too bad. Put it in an external drive enclosure are run the software to scan it and recover your pics.

    Good luck.

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