PhotoHunt 270: Informative


Stupid time zone setting. I hope it’s fixed now. I didn’t forget, it just auto posted early before I added my photo. Wow. I feel like I should be on the Wizard of Oz singing “If I only had a brain…” hehe

Informative… is the scoreboard at a ballgame! This gives you the score, game info, time, temp, etc. 🙂 Taken at a Local Nashville Sounds game.

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  1. mudhooks Said:

    Hopefully, you will have time to add one later!

    My contribution may be slightly icky… but informative…

  2. Freda Said:

    Here is my informative submission;

  3. magiceye Said:

    My post is up at

  4. Marites Said:

    Here’s my must-see informative post..

  5. Luna Miranda Said:

    Mine’s up…have a great weekend!

  6. Find my information about a heavenly town of India here

  7. great idea for the theme. happy weekend. 🙂

  8. Sparkle Said:

    Mine is very informative. If you are a cat.

  9. ian Said:

    whoa. that’s a fantastic, unique scoreboard =]

  10. TeacherJulie Said:

    I’m sure you had fun watching the game and looking at the score on the scoreboard (or ad board?)

    Happy weekend!

    My entries are here:

  11. Alice Audrey Said:

    Lots of information on that one. Mine’s a little different. Of course.

    Mine is up

  12. You can’t almost see the scores because of the many ads!
    Mine’s up now 🙂

  13. YTSL Said:

    I think the guitar shape of the sign is also informative — of Nashville being music country! :b

    My own take on this week’s theme is here:-

  14. upto6only Said:

    nice scoreboard. here is mine:

  15. Lilian Said:

    If you want information, go to a library…

  16. […] What else could I post but a picture of a library? I know it’s not obvious, but it really is a library there on the right hand side. More informative photos can be found at this week’s PhotoHunt page. […]

  17. Jerry Said:

    My informative shot is posted here. Have a great weekend.

  18. I suppose a guitar-shaped board is right for Nashville!

    Mine;s here:

  19. Here’s ours:

    Have a great weekend!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  20. Carver Said:

    That’s a fun looking score board. Great one for the theme. Happy Weekend.

  21. hapzydeco Said:

    Here is our piece ofinformation.

  22. It’s hard to see the score because of all the information there!
    Mine is a two-fer… informative and Happy Father’s Day.

  23. Janice Said:

    What a great scoreboard! See mine at

  24. Jenny A. Said:

    I love that guitar-shaped scoreboard! Very appropriate for the “Sound.” I hadn’t played in a while, but I am out of scool for the summer and hope to play all summer. I posted one this morning with my son in it.

    Hope you can come see it!

  25. peppylady Said:

    It been 3 weeks since I did photo hunt.

    Coffee is on

  26. Liz Said:

    I love the photo.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    Liz @ MLC

  27. Hope this comment gets through. Had difficulty in publishing my comment earlier.

  28. ewok1993 Said:

    my informative sign is up as well.

  29. Birgitta Said:

    Summer in Lund

  30. Birgitta Said:

    Summer in Lund
    Sorry wrong link before

  31. Ruth Said:

    All sorts of different takes on this one.
    Here’s mine

  32. Dianne Said:

    Kewl sign!
    Here’s mine:

  33. Cait Said:

    Book hoarder over here @ hotel de ville de paris

  34. Very creative.

  35. Here is mine! I’m so late, sorry 🙂 Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and single mothers out there!

  36. CherryPie Said:

    That is a great photo for the theme 🙂

    Mine is at the following link:

  37. srp Said:

    I did a post about signs.. but really interpreted it a bit wrong for the meme… but then I thought… signs really are informative at times… they tell you when and where and what is available and so… better late than never…. Signs

  38. Mine is up, a tad late, but up none the same.

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