PhotoHunt 273: Near


**This was set to auto-publish but didn’t?! I believe it was in draft mode, so sorry!**

Near: I was near the manual lock on this car to catch a great shot of the little critter sitting on it.

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  1. Carver Said:

    What a fun critter on the manual lock.

  2. Awesome!

  3. that’s a cute critter.

  4. Hehehe – a bit of near cuteness. My bit of nearness is here.

  5. Marites Said:

    that’s really one cute crittery manual lock:) mine is here.

  6. Very tasty um cute critter. I went near too.

  7. 🙂 Very cute. Cool shot!

    I went to a place where dreams and imagination are built…

  8. magiceye Said:

    that is cool

    check out the sparrow so near at

  9. Annie Said:

    Very cute! Happy weekend everyone.

  10. YTSL Said:

    Very cute! Good spot and fun photo. 🙂

    My different take on this week’s theme is over here:-

  11. Zoolatry Said:

    Great photo. Our post on NEAR is up at

  12. ian Said:

    nifty car guard! =] happy weekend!

  13. Freda Said:

    Very fun shot! Here is my too close for comfort shot;

  14. rdl Said:

    very near. mine’s up!

  15. Gattina Said:

    Funny shot !

  16. ewok1993 Said:

    Happy hunting! My NEAR is up!

  17. Sparkle Said:

    Here is my near!

  18. I like that little beastie! Interesting place for it to live. . .

  19. CherryPie Said:

    The gremlins are conspiring against you 😉

    That is a cute picture 😉

    Mine is here:

  20. Here are some *near* photos of mine:
    I like your little critter 🙂

  21. Lew Said:

    An invasion of little green things! My near stuff is larger.

  22. […] PhotoHunt 273 […]

  23. Lilian Said:

    Never seen one of those before!

  24. Near is the word and very close too 🙂

  25. Patricia Said:

    Mine is Here!

  26. We’re glad we came back! Here’s ours:

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  27. Mariposa Said:

    Now THAT is really near enough! 😉

    I’m glad to be back here!

  28. emoratanoel Said:

    very cool photo,

    here is my version attached

  29. Hello. Have a nice weekend everyone.

  30. Coffee is on.

  31. mudhooks Said:

    That’s great! It made me think about these pencil tops that my dentist used to give out. I HATED the dentist (and he seemed to hate kids). The only thing I liked was the pencil tops. Mine is up.

  32. bingskee Said:

    it sure is a cute lock.

    i have mine. i know, it’s kinda late but.. just click on my name and you will be redirected. 🙂

  33. ann chin Said:

    that’s mine. In Islamic countries, opposite sexes are not allowed to be in close proximity. Anita Sarawak, a celebrity was caught in Kuala Lumpur with her partner.

  34. hapzydeco Said:

    Here is our photo for near.

  35. Emzkie Babez Said:

    Thats a cool picture tnchick! i hope my entry is not soo late. lol

    here it is.

  36. Ruth Said:

    Hahaha…..nice one 🙂
    Mine is here

  37. Posted… a day late…

  38. I got busy all day yesterday, but I had a picture I really liked that I took this past week, so I had to post it today. 🙂 I like your cute “lock sitter”!

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