PhotoHunt 275: Patch


This week is patch. I’m late, which seems to be normal…

We shaved our himi, Nixie… and then she found a PATCH of sunshine to lay in. =)

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  1. Dianne Said:

    Poor Nixie! I guess she is cooler.
    Here’s mine:

  2. Carver Said:

    Great shot for the patch theme. Happy Weekend!

  3. Maboe Said:

    A sad day in Norway

  4. Nixie the lion cut is a pain, but at least you found a sunpuddle to relax. I have lots of patches for this hunt.

  5. […] theme for this week’s combined Weekend Cat Blogging and Photo Hunt is Patch. We at CatSynth have an alternative take on the theme, as Luna poses with a Korg MS-20 […]

  6. Annie Said:

    Nixie looks comfy with her summer hairdo.

  7. Sparkle Said:

    I bet she doesn’t get as hot lying in those sun patches with less fur. Here are my patches… or rather, my roommate, Binga’s:

  8. Lew Said:

    Nice patch of sunshime! Our cats have been avoiding the sun patches this month. M patch is up.

  9. mudhooks Said:

    Poor shaved kitty…. We used to shave Amber for the summer. He was SOOOOO much more comfortable…

  10. Emzkie Babez Said:

    very cute photo!

    heres mine..

  11. ewok1993 Said:

    Hello, my patch is up too.

  12. ian Said:

    beautiful shot! i hope the sunshine soothed her just fine =]

  13. Nixie is adorable! Nothing like a sun puddle for a good nap.

    Here’s ours:

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  14. Jerry Said:

    My shot of carefully placed patches is posted here. Happy huntin’ y’all!

  15. CherryPie Said:

    That is a lovely photo.

    Mine is here:

  16. stanley Said:

    oh i have many pictures of my girls sun-tanning too! Good weekend to all!

  17. YTSL Said:

    Figure a shave would make the dog feel cooler. Do they get traumatized by the procedure though, I wonder?

    My different take on this week’s theme is here:-

  18. Sorry I’m late but we where out getting firewood. But the coffee is still hot.

  19. mine is up.

  20. ann nz Said:

    Your dog is lucky. Right now, I like a big patch of sunshine to warm me up

  21. Great sunny spot for a nap.

    My hubby has to wear an eye patch after a cataract surgery. 😦

  22. Lilian Said:

    Had this posted yesterday but nowhere to put it – the joys of being in another time zone…

    Nice dog.

  23. Patricia Said:

    mine is up on my photo sight.. yes I know I am late again..

  24. Mar Said:

    Hi tnchick, hope all is well…too bad you don’t have time for the PH…

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