PhotoHunt 286: Waiting


While waiting for my friends 3:00pm wedding to begin, I took this photo. =)
Not a FAB photo but it was truly waiting, as 3:00 had passed. LOL

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  1. Marites Said:

    My waiting entry is up now…have a happy weekend!

  2. Mar Said:

    No more waiting, PH is up 🙂

  3. Sparkle Said:

    I’ve been waiting to post my link! 🙂

  4. Lynn Said:

    Now is the time, posting my entry. 🙂

  5. magiceye Said:

    🙂 and time to exit?!! lovely click!

    mines at

  6. this is cool. mine’s up. 🙂

  7. Luna Miranda Said:

    uhuh, waiting at a wedding is stressful, especially for the bride.:p

  8. YTSL Said:

    Was the groom anxiously waiting for the bride to arrive?!

    My own take on this week’s theme is here:-

  9. Brides are supposed to be late 🙂
    My ghoulish take on waiting is up

  10. Tamir is waiting for his favorite channel to start:

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  11. CherryPie Said:

    Ha Ha 🙂 That made me smile.

    Mine is here:

  12. I like that the clock is positioned just below the exit sign!

  13. Annie Said:

    The clock looks cool. Mine is waiting to catch a vaporetto in Venice. Happy weekend all.

  14. alexa Said:

    I’m sure the bride was extra beautiful when she did show up! I did my waiting (or not) in Paris— see here.

  15. Lynn Said:

    Now is the time. Here’s my entry for the week. :0

  16. Sandy Said:

    Mine’s up, too.

  17. Carver Said:

    Great shot for the theme. That’s a long wait! Happy weekend

  18. Karin Said:

    Glad to find this site. I am joining for the first time. There is some good wait and not so good wait. I picked a good waiting picture for today.

  19. Lew Said:

    My waiting is a little different.

  20. Just capture Said:

    My waiting is about the live plant:

  21. Hapzydeco Said:

    Here we are waiting.

  22. Rekha Said:

    It can seem an eternal wait especially for hungry guests. Mine’s Here

  23. Gengen Said:

    I have an experienced before that i waited for more than 3-4 hours in a doctors office…I am almost quit but hubby said we will just wait grrrr…Mine is up…

  24. Vicki Said:

    Great choice for the topic of waiting – A stopped clock and a tempting Exit option.

    Waiting was part of the fun at the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta:

  25. ewok1993 Said:

    I am photo hunting today too.;

  26. Alice Audrey Said:

    I take it the wedding did take place. At least you didn’t have to do the waiting of those who watch a wedding fail.

    Mine is up

  27. I do the same while waiting… Mine is up.

  28. Lilian Said:

    Hope it was a good wedding!

    Here’s mine…

  29. Wishing the couple happy life and many blessing.

    Coffee is on.

  30. Vicki Said:

    I hate waiting, especially when there’s a clock staring at me!

  31. Ruth Said:

    I’ve been waiting to post this 😉

  32. ian Said:

    hope the wedding pushed thru as planned, nor runaway bride or groom!

  33. […] and every once in a while, the theme sparks something in my brain.¹) This time the theme is “waiting.” Here was a photo I took in Hong Kong on my trip there in […]

  34. alejna Said:

    It’s been a while since I’ve joined in! (Not sure what I was waiting for…) But here’s what I’ve got this time:

  35. Here is our post for this week’s Photo Hunt!!

    Thanks for hosting TNChick and we loved your waiting picture!!

    Your TX furiends,

  36. Freda Said:

    Bella waiting for treats

  37. Liz Said:

    It’s perfect for the theme.

    Have a fabulous weekend.

    Liz @ MLC

  38. Waiting for the tram

  39. Waiting at Singapore Changi Airport for any blogger who’s coming to my sunny island 🙂

  40. A fashionably late wedding?

    We’re waiting too.

  41. Mama Zen Said:

    I hate waiting!

  42. Patricia Said:

    Mine is Here!

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