PhotoHunt 288: High


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  1. Vicki Said:

    I love ferris wheels!!
    Here’s mine:

  2. Sparkle Said:

    I don’t know if I’d want to be up there!

    I had a different take on high:

  3. Mar Said:

    I love to look at the them with my feet on the ground! happy weekend


  4. Luna Miranda Said:

    i love riding on Ferris Wheels!

  5. Gattina Said:

    Not for me ! Too high !

  6. YTSL Said:

    Lovely choice for this week’s theme. 🙂

    My take on “high” is over here:-

  7. cool and high. 🙂

  8. Beautiful picture! I enjoy going on Ferris Wheel and being up high looking at the views :).

    My post is up at .

  9. magiceye Said:

    Fun times can get you a real high!!

    Check out the bird flying high in the Mumbai sky at

  10. Vox Libris Said:

    Mine is along a similar theme.

  11. ann nz Said:

    everyone in New Zealand is feeling high. We think we will win the rugby world cup after 24 years.

  12. Carver Said:

    Beautiful shot of the ferris wheel and perfect for the theme.

  13. Flat Tamir went to Nova Scotia and climbed up HIGH to see the Falls.

    Have a great weekend!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  14. Ruth Said:

    Scary but fun 🙂
    Mine is here

  15. Annie Said:

    Fun shot.

    I’ve got a few things up high in Venice.

    Happy weekend to everyone.

  16. alexa Said:

    Love your Ferris wheel!
    My “high” thing is NYC’s Freedom Tower, under construction.

  17. Gengen Said:

    That is high enough but i can ride it. Mine is up also.

  18. Kim, USA Said:

    That is pretty photo and I love to ride ferries wheel. ^_^

    Niagara Falls

  19. I was trying to get into the # 19th spot. Oh well I’m up and the coffee is on.

  20. karinab71 Said:

    Scared of this ride. I have to take a motion sickness pill before getting on it to accompany my daughter who urges me to go.

    Come and see my kind of high, or my dog’s.

  21. Hapzydeco Said:

    Here we are high.

  22. Ewok Said:

    I’m scared to ride this high. My high is up too.

  23. ann Said:

    Love your entry !! Mine is up:

  24. That is High and scary!

  25. i love riding on ferris wheels!

    happy weekend!

  26. Janette Axalan Said:

    love your entry. it’s my first time to participate.

  27. Freda Said:

    Beautiful carnival shot!

  28. Alice Audrey Said:

    That’s a fun one.

    Mine is up

  29. Shoshana Said:

    That’s always fun. I got some, too.

  30. Shosh Said:

    I cannot ride that thing. It’s a puke machine for me.

  31. Dianne Said:

    Pretty sky behind the Ferris wheel.

  32. rdl Said:

    Cool, we thought alike.

  33. nice shot! here is mine:

  34. Who wants to go on a zipline adventure? 200 m high.

    Happy weekend y’all!

  35. azahar Said:

    Late again…

  36. Vicki Said:

    Love your Ferris wheel. Looks like a fun ride.

    The tram to the top of Sandia Peak was a good one, too:

  37. Lilian Said:

    Belated comment: Nice picture. I like the lights. It’s a long time since I’ve been on a ferris wheel.

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