PhotoHunt 289: Broken


Guess who was in trouble over this?! If you guessed my children, you are correct!!

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  1. Mar Said:


  2. ian Said:

    i’m sure they were sorry, weren’t they? =]

  3. YTSL Said:

    Oh my goodness! But… at least you got a Photo Hunt entry out of it all! :O

    My take on this week’s theme is over here:-

  4. Sparkle Said:

    Finally, something broken that cannot be pinned on me! And this broken is not my fault either:

  5. Ruth Said:

    Oh dear……..that’s what happens with kids around!
    Mine is here

  6. too bad it has been broken. happy weekend.

  7. Gattina Said:

    In our house it’s the cats !

  8. Jerry Said:

    Happy Saturday!

    My broken pic is posted here.

    Have a great weekend.

  9. magiceye Said:

    🙂 aah

    Check out broken wings at

  10. […] I took it out of the mug, but it was still nice. You can see more ‘broken’ pictures at this week’s PhotoHunt page. Share this:ShareRedditDiggTwitterStumbleUponLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  11. Lilian Said:

    Oh dear!

    Here’s my broken cake:

  12. Annie Said:

    Uh oh!

    Hope everyone has a nice Halloween weekend. I’ve got a few photos from New Orleans this week.

  13. rdl Said:

    uh oh! mines up, but you have to click and enlarge to see.

  14. Carver Said:

    I had a few of those breaks as a child and then my daughter did too. Happy weekend!

  15. Sandy Said:

    My children would hide it. lol
    Mine’s up, too.

  16. Liz Said:


    Have a fabulous weekend.

    Liz @ MLC

  17. Ut oh…..we would have blamed Not Me! He shows up at our house a lot!!

    Here’s ours:

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  18. alexa Said:

    I’ve probably broken more things around the house than my kids ever did. But I’m not responsible for the one I posted!

  19. Sometimes you don’t find those things till years later… if ever!
    Mine took centuries to ‘break’.

  20. I’m up and the coffee is on.

  21. azahar Said:

    I just realised mine is kind of a repeat, but oh well…

  22. ann Said:

    Sorry about your vase…

    Mine’s up:

  23. Marites Said:

    too bad it’s broken. My photoHunt is <a href="here

  24. Just Capture Said:

    One of my old entry of Broken heart

  25. Alice Audrey Said:

    That’s a pity.

    Mine is at

  26. Kim,USA Said:

    Oh oh that is what happened with kids around! ^_^


  27. Vicki Said:

    That’s a shame!
    Here’s My Photo

  28. Vicki Said:

    Well, at least you got a PhotoHunt shot out of it. I actually save stuff like this in a big plastic bin, just in case the photography bug needs it.

    For Halloween, I bring you a seriously broken and possibly haunted house I pass on the way to work:

  29. Lew Said:

    Who would have guessed? My broken is similar, but no children were involved.

  30. ewok1993 Said:

    so pretty to be broken, is it the woofie’s fault?

    my broken is up.

  31. Hapzydeco Said:

    Here is our broken photo.

  32. CherryPie Said:

    I hope they bought you a new one…

    My brokend is there:

  33. CherryPie Said:

    Oops!!! Wrong link.

    Mine is here:

  34. Where there are children, there tends to be ample choices for the theme broken!

    Mine is up:

  35. Dianne Said:

    A little late and I added to the bottom of my art post.
    Sorry about your vase!

  36. ann nz Said:

    My photos show gigantic broken buildings

  37. Gypsy Lala Said:

    The imperfect beauty, broken petal

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