PhotoHunt 290: Light


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  1. ewok1993 Said:

    what an elegant set up. wedding?

    my light is up too.

  2. ian Said:

    one word comes to mind: divine =]

  3. YTSL Said:

    That’s a lovely photo, alright. Like something out of a coffee table book! 🙂

    My different take on this week’s theme is here:-

  4. Sparkle Said:

    That is a lot of light!

    I take a different meaning of light in mine today:

  5. Vicki Said:

    What a beautiful sight!!
    Here’s mine:

  6. Mar Said:

    Fantastic shot for the theme!! love that light.
    Happy weekend, everybody 8)


  7. Julie Said:

    Wow, what a peaceful photo.

    Happy weekend.

    My entries:

  8. beautiful light, i love the setting. 🙂

  9. clutterbells Said:

    I have some sun and clouds. Have a great weekend everyone.

  10. Ruth Said:

    Thats a beautiful shot – so serene.
    MIne is here

  11. Lesley Said:

    that is an elegant setting.I was thinking wedding .. or .. funeral.

    mine is up at

  12. Beautiful shot – you hit two kinds of light here, the natural and artificial 🙂

    My entry is here:

  13. Jerry Said:

    Happy Saturday – my shots for this week’s theme are posted here.

    Enjoy the hunt . . .

  14. magiceye Said:

    beautifully composed and shot!
    Check out the light at my post

  15. Liz Said:

    It’s beautiful.

    Have a fabulous weekend.

    Liz @ MLC

  16. Zoolatry Said:

    A very light cat laying on a very light carpet, photoshop-art.

  17. Emzkie Said:

    wow beautiful!

    mine is up

  18. Annie Said:

    Nice shot, TNChick!

    Happy weekend everyone.

  19. Carver Said:

    That’s a beautiful shot for light. Happy weekend!

  20. That’s lovely! Here’s ours:

    Have a great weekend!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  21. Kim,USA Said:

    Wow that is awesome! Mine is here! Happy weekend!


  22. Hapzydeco Said:

    Here is our light photo.

  23. alexa Said:

    Gorgeous! If we’re not waiting for the bridal party to enter the shot, we should be. Mine’s up here.

  24. Marites Said:

    such beautiful photo. nice capture!

  25. My light is on too~

  26. Lew Said:

    Elegant indeed! My light is a source of light seen by all.

  27. Freda Said:

    Our earth’s light;

  28. I believe I know I could just set there and just be quite.

    Coffee is on

  29. Alice Audrey Said:

    It’s very austere, but has an appeal.

    My photo ishere

  30. ann Said:

    Beautiful window of light..

    Mine’s up:

  31. Vicki Said:

    So airy and … well, LIGHT. That is one beautiful place, and the way you’ve framed it really adds to the sense of order and peace. Nice!

    Great subject this time, an opportunity to play with long exposure and tricks of the light:

  32. rdl Said:

    lovely! mine’s up but i dread what it shows is coming.

  33. stanley Said:

    gorgeous altar. I’ve something similiar.
    Good weekend to al!

  34. Beautiful picture! I always love big windows :).
    My photo of light is up at .

  35. great pic! my entry is here:

  36. Mama Zen Said:

    What a pretty shot!

  37. Suzy Said:

    Lovely pic.

    My lights are here:

  38. ann nz Said:

    beautiful lights that you don’t have to pay for.

  39. azahar Said:

    Late again…

  40. Lilian Said:

    Lovely and bright. Here’s mine (posted yesterday)

  41. MIne is here

  42. mine is Here

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