New Host?

If you want to be a new host, post here… someone suggested you all decide. Several asked… but I know that certain things make it better (i.e. non moderated comments, easy to navigate blog, etc). So, if you want to take over, comment. Then, we’ll go from there. Will that work?? Just trying to do what is best for you all. Also, I sincerely appreciate ALL your kind words below. ❤



  1. I would like to host PhotoHunt.
    I have been participating in PhotoHunt for the past 4 years and I had fun and made many blogger friends. I missed the days when we had more than 200 participants taking part almost every weekend! I spent many hours of my weekend reading the participating entries and posting comments. 🙂

    Together let’s keep PhotoHunt going and look forward to having fun weekends!

  2. It really doesn’t matter who host photo hunt to me. On some what of regular. Or I should say there part of my “coffee drinkers” list on my side bar to the right. There is
    Gattina of
    ELC of
    I can’t
    Coffee is on.

  3. Marites Said:

    I would also like to host this meme very much since I’ve been enjoying this for years. Still, if you choose anybody..I’m sure we’ll still enjoy the meme.

  4. Just let us know who taking it over..Thanks

    Coffee is on.

  5. I would also be willing to help keep the photohunt going.
    Your years of dedication should not just disappear. You have done an amazing job of keeping this going. We have stepped into your life every Saturday morning.
    We have shared in our lives week after week.

    Let us know where to go next Saturday!

  6. rdl Said:

    I’m wondering how this is going to work. are you abdicating this site to the new host? if not, is the new host starting a new “Photohunter” site dedicated to just this and not merely hosting on their site?
    perhaps a deadline for interested hosts? a vote on before sat? and resume on sat?(can someone get it together that quickly?) how bout some new theme ideas from everyone?
    my list: xmas ornament, shiny, green, red, blue…..

  7. Poll Said:

    It doesn’t seem right that non-Photo Hunters are being recruited to come vote in this poll!!! Election fraud, LOL.

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