1. I would vote for allof them. Perhaps there is scope to rotate hosting.

  2. Annie Said:

    Thanks for doing this, TnChick. This is a good way to decide who takes PH over.

  3. Carver Said:

    I’d also vote for anyone and everyone who wants to keep this going so I wouldn’t have a clue how to vote. I thought I should mention that Gattina has already started a new theme list and has designed a badge fore Saturday’s Photohunting. She did that right after the announcement that you weren’t hosting anymore. I have already done an auto publish post for her first week and will be participating in her new hunt. I heard about that before seeing this. Maybe all the people that want to host should get together about it. In any event, thanks so much TNChick for starting the photohunt and all your work at hosting through the years.

  4. It real doesn’t matter who does it. But I would like to get playing this Saturday.
    I’ll be playing Gattina “Saturday Photo hunt”
    But honestly I wouldn’t mine playing both hunts.

    Coffee is on.

  5. Poll Police Said:

    It doesn’t seem right that non-Photo Hunters are being recruited to come vote in this poll!!! Election fraud, LOL.

    • admin Said:

      Sorry, I don’t know what to do about that. I do have it set for people can only vote once to avoid repeat voters. Since the Hunt is tomorrow I went ahead with them since they are ready for tomorrow and have dedicated a site just for it. Hope no one gets mad. I didn’t know a better way to do it other than just letting it die and not making sure someone was hosting.

      • Poll Police Said:

        TNChick, there is nothing you could have done to make some people play fair. I feel bad for Archie and ECL and the others who have been photohunters for a long time and didn’t rig the vote in their own favor.

        You’ve done a great job hosting this and I hope you have a happy retirement!

  6. JC Said:

    Just wanted to drop by and wish you well. Even though I haven’t been able to play in the last year, I certainly enjoyed it when I was participating.

    Thanks so much for your efforts and best wishes to you and your family. Take care!

  7. I did ask my blogging friends to help… I don’t think that is ‘voter fraud’. Now if I had offered a bribe of pecan pie ~:-)

    I can see that I am starting out on the right foot ~ I just hope y’all continue to enjoy the Saturday photohunt. I am looking forward to it!
    Happy Hunting y’all~

    • Poll Police Said:

      The decision SHOULD have been made by PhotoHunters, not their friends who don’t participate. Archie was in the lead all week long until you skewed the vote. Not fair to him or ECL or Liz or Marites. But hey, you got what you wanted and that’s all that matters, right? Ick.

      • admin Said:

        Sorry – I just saw this comment but I left it NOT up to me because I do NOT have time to go scope out everyone’s site. I thought it would be best to let others vote after visiting because they were the ones who matter and will be visiting. No matter which way: A) my pick B) participants pick – I can’t please all. I was one single person hosting for a world of people. Anyway, if it lives, it lives and if it dies, it dies. I did the best I could for as long as I could.

  8. Thank you for speaking up, Poll Police.
    This is life. LOL

    Thanks to Tnchick for hosting PhotoHunt for so many years, I had fun. Best wishes.

    • Poll Police Said:

      ECL, you’re welcome. You’re a class act and I’m sorry that you and the others were disrespected this way. I hope you’ll come join in the new PhotoHunt over at Gattina’s blog.

    • admin Said:

      Gosh, I know you are a long time player of the Hunt and I apologize if things weren’t done “right” – that definitely was not my intention and for that I offer the apology. I do not know who Poll Police is as they won’t comment on their own name… but I don’t think anyone meant any disrespect. I know I did not. 😦

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