He Is Risen.

Happy Easter!

I’m very blessed and it was a beautiful day. A tough day, too. I miss my Dad so very much it hurts. He usually would be at my house to eat and share in the kids’ egg hunt loot. The kids knew he looked forward to candy. I know many people have lost a loved one. But, I just feel so cheated knowing some creature of a person took his precious life. I do take joy in knowing he celebrated Easter w/ Jesus. I know God has a plan that I can’t see, I trust in Him, but it’s still difficult to adjust to this “new life” without my awesome Dad. He was a very active role in my life, in my husbands life, in our kids life. I miss his face, the sound of him pulling in, his voice, his laugh, his presence. I look forward to the day Jesus comes and takes us so I can reunite with him. I love him, very much.

With tears….



  1. Shannara Said:

    Have been away for a while and was about to look at photohunt for this week.

    I read this post and had to read more.

    I pray for you and your family! Don’t know how I would be able to go on living if something like that happened to me!

    Big hugs from Sweden!

  2. Stephani Said:

    I stopped by today because when I began my photography journey in 2010 the photo hunt kept me going to take pictures and learn more. I eventually got rid of my photo blog but have recently started a new one. So, I thought I would join back in the photo hunt and found out today you don’t host anymore, but I’m glad I stopped by anyway, and I think I’ll continue to. I’m so sorry about your loss and the tragic way your father died. I am breathing a prayer for you even now. Glad I stopped by today.

  3. Julie Said:

    Hi TNChick, just dropping by to tell you I miss you during PH.

    I wish you well, and here I am sending virtual hugs and prayers to you.

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