a step at a time…

This past week was National Crime Victims Rights week. Being new to all this, I did take part in what I was aware of. I’d love to be more active & raise awareness but I’m learning as I go. Here is a photo of me at the Homicide victims board that was on public display. I should never have had to see my Dad’s photo shown there 😦

Obviously, I’ve been affected by the tragic murder of my Dad but yesterday I realized how deep it affected my subconsciousness when I walked the streets downtown. 😦 I walked a little downtown yesterday… I was so uncomfortable. I guess it may be normal. My husband came out of the men’s restroom in the downtown library and told me he thought the guy in there was prepping himself to shoot someone (saying over & over to himself quietly “I don’t know you, I don’t know you…” while in the stall next to him). I feel like I have this big “look at me – I’m vulnerable” sign over my head and even tho I hate to stereotype people… I couldn’t help it. I kept telling myself “Dad always told me to never be afraid, just hold your head high and walk”.

I’m trying but it’s hard. I’ve been working on my victims impact statement. It is the only time our side will be heard in criminal court. I wanted to start on it and proof/edit it a little at a time with hopes that I can convey my feelings on paper, in words, well enough to fulfill it’s purpose! I am my Dad’s voice. I will stand up for his innocent life that was taken.

Oh… and I don’t think I’ve shared but the two criminals have been arraigned and they are both charged with First Degree Murder, Felony Murder and Attempted Espionage Aggravated Robbery.

Due process takes forever. But God will take care of it.

Well, that’s about it. Thanks to you all who have stopped in.


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  1. Marleen Said:

    I’m not sure how I found your site. I was looking for Red Marble Chapels. I read briefly of the loss of your father. May God lift you up and comfort you and your husband and children. I praise God that you are a believer and have that eternal hope. ……mean-while it is hard. ❤ <3<3 know that God comforts in many ways and reminds us of the great love your earthly father gave you which is a taste of the greater love of your heavenly father.

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