It Works Wraps, Results, Stuff…

SO, over a week into this home business adventure becoming an independent distributor for It Works Ultimate Body Applicators (wraps). I must say, the product sells itself, I simply put it out there 🙂 SO far, so good. Have several loyal customers, some who buy individually…

I am seeking two people to join my team as distributors though. Anyone out there interested?! You can live anywhere, pretty much… and as I said, it sells itself. If anyone is interested in joining my team, please let me know!! I’ll help you along the way. The cost is $99 (current sale price) but they will send you a box of wraps (4) and a business building kit to help get you started! You can sell the wraps and get your money back quick or you can keep the product to use for yourself. It’s really a win-win situation!! We are more than just wraps! We offer many other items for your health & body needs.



My husband wrapped this past week. He lost 2 inches above his naval, 3 inches at the naval, and 1.5 inches below (we always measure those 3 areas when wrapping the stomach/abs).


Feel free to look around the It Works site: HERE or find my page on Facebook HERE and get tons of info from my page there. While there, support me and like the page! I’d appreciate it =)

I hope you all are well. I’m doing OK. Still miss my Dad so very, very much. Some days I ache so much – other days are easier than those. We have a murder trail date set in May of 2013. I pray the jury who hears our trail will make sure justice on Earth is served for those monsters. It’s the least I want for my Dad now that he is gone.



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