Grief Counseling?

Homicide is so sudden, unanticipated and violent – it’s affected my sense of safety/security, control and trust. Anyone ever had grief counseling or any form of psychotherapy that aims to help people cope? I’ve had some people tell me they think I need it… tho I am doing better some days… other days are tough and as hard was it was in the beginning. Obviously, a murder is more difficult to handle vs. just a typical loss of a loved one. Just wondering…. the reality of murder delivers a powerful blow. While our murder trail date is seven months away, I pray  my healing isn’t further complicated by the criminal “justice” system or media. :/ Dad’s birthday is fast approaching near the end of October… I hope I handle it OK! I plan to bake him a strawberry cake, like always… only he won’t be here. I miss him SO SO SO much.


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