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About The PhotoHunt:

The Photo Hunt started in March 2006, by me! It really grew larger than I ever imagined and has been a great success. In year three, participation dropped but was still going strong. A theme is given each Saturday. Post a photo that best represents the theme, on your blog. New and old photos welcome. Post photos from your personal collection and not photos obtained from the web (please, no clip-art/web photos.) Play along once a week by posting a photo for the said theme. Note: I will post the weekly post each SATURDAY morning, it will auto publish, weekly, at 2:00 AM CST. Please, hold your Mine’s Up comment ’til then. Thank You.

After 4 years, on December 10, 2010 – I opted to stop hosting the Saturday PhotoHunt. There is a new blog for you all, link: and a theme list on the sidebar! I hope you all will support the new hunt! Thank you all very much!!

How do I participate?

Simple. You just play by posting a photo for the weekly theme on YOUR site – that’s it. Keep in mind, more will find you if you comment on my weekly PhotoHunt posted weekly, here. How will you know who is playing? View my comments each week, comment when you play so others can find you or surf PhotoHunt on Technorati.

Tip: For the title of your post use “PhotoHunt: Theme” or something similar to help others know what is intended for the PhotoHunt.

Where’s the PhotoHunters button?

Support us! Allow others to find and join! Place the button shown above on your sidebar. Right click and “save as” or “copy image location” (hosted on imageshack). If you need help – just let me know.

Thanks for taking part and making the PhotoHunt fun and interesting for all the parti


  1. […] Photo Hunt- is a good one- I used to play..haven’t for a while! Must rectify that! You don’t need to have a blog if you don’t want but use the themes just for yourself- pick one at random maybe each week? […]

  2. Haar van Wordpress Said:

    A protest Mural

  3. […] October 8, 2011 by alejna| Leave a comment It’s been ages since I’ve participated in PhotoHunt, but once again I’m inspired. (I continue to enjoy seeing weekly or near-weekly entries from […]

  4. Janette Axalan Said:

    love to participate….

  5. Janette Axalan Said:

    love to participate..

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