PhotoHunt 277: Painted


On Sunday, my husband and the fellas of my church grouped together. They shaved their heads bald & one of our friends painted their heads PINK! The guys wanted to do this to support a friend/church member that is battling cancer for the 2nd time. She recently lost all of her hair. Here’s one of the photos I took. My PAINTED:

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  1. And a very good reason to be painted! I have posted my “painted” here.

  2. Mar Said:

    a good cause! happy weekend

  3. alexa Said:

    Yes—a very good cause! Bravo and God bless to all the guys who went all out and shaved their head.
    Mine’s up here.

  4. A great cause to support. happy weekend. 🙂

  5. azahar Said:

    I take it this was to raise money for research? Whatever it takes!

  6. Maboe Said:

    My painted:

  7. Sparkle Said:

    That is totally awesome!

    My painted isn’t nearly as cool:

  8. Zoolatry Said:

    Brave gentlemen, with gentle hearts!
    Our “painted” post is now up at
    with a nod to Mark Twain…

  9. Luna Miranda Said:

    it’s a wonderful show of support. well done, guys!

  10. Annie Said:

    Cool shot, good for them.

    Mine is from the island of Burano. Hope you all have a great weekend.

  11. YTSL Said:

    Very cool of the guys to do what they did. 🙂

    My take on this week’s theme is here:-

  12. magiceye Said:

    that sure is a great cause!

    my take on the theme up at

  13. Jerry Said:

    Painting for a good cause – I like it!

    My shot for this week’s theme is posted here. Have a great weekend.

  14. Sage Said:


  15. TZ Said:

    Just curious, why PINK but not other color ?

    TZ-photo :

  16. That’s cool!!!

    Here’s ours:

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  17. Marites Said:

    my PH is up here.

  18. That is a great way to show support!

  19. Kim,USA Said:

    That is very cool!!


  20. Liz Said:

    So cool!

    Have a fabulous weekend.

    Liz @ MLC

  21. They look nice in pink 🙂

  22. Lew Said:

    Great way to show support for cancer survivors! I see a lot of stories of adult shaved heads in support of kids with cancer, but pink heads is a first! My Painted is a little more mundane.

  23. Carver Said:

    Great shot in support of a good cause.

  24. Here is our painted photo.

  25. ian Said:

    wow! what a creative, fantastic way of expressing solidarity with your cancer-survivor friend =] sending good vibes your way!

  26. Thank you for showing our support.

    The coffee is on.

  27. CherryPie Said:

    A very good cause.

    Mine is here.

  28. This is a super way to support a friend. I could have painted myself with sunbeams ifin I did not mess up the tense instead I am painting my fur with light.

  29. ewok1993 Said:

    a fun way to support a good cause. mine’s up too.

  30. Freda Said:

    Painted HMCS Haida sign at the harbor front.

  31. gengen Said:

    Oh i tried to find this new site of photo hunters and just found it. I have an entry a late one…

  32. Dianne Said:

    I’ll keep your friend in my prayers…she must be so thankful for the support.
    Here’s my play on painted:

  33. Sandra Said:

    Always so great to see community support for such a good cause. I will keep your friend in my prayers. I have mine posted!

  34. Great photo! Here’s ours

  35. […] topic for this week’s PhotoHunt is “Painted” so it seemed like a good time to post these… Share […]

  36. Mine is up. It’s actually three photos…

  37. ann nz Said:

    Good on them who have shaved their hair. In my school, a 10 year old did just that,

    Pink is a great color for breast cancer.

    Sorry, I decided not to post Painting but on the painter. She took paints to support of the animals and birds.

  38. That’s a very good cause. Thumbs up! my entry is here:

  39. Good for them! I do not have that courage to shave my head. 😦

  40. Lilian Said:

    Very cool idea for fundraising! Here’s my pretend painting:

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